Wednesday 21st of February 2018


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I have a wide variety of Domain names (URL) for sale. Some were purchased for clients or potential clients who never actually purchased them from me. Others were names that I thought were good for certain projects or industries.

So below you will find a list. Feel free to contact me to make an offer.


All domain names could transfer same day as payment. - make an offer I can't refuse and it's all yours.

BLACKWIDOWSENTERTAINMENT.COM - another one that came and went.

CLANCYSROCKS.COM - a club in Indy that changed hands before we ever sold the site. Could be good for a pub or a family name site.

CSS-WORKS.COM - for all you computer companies, internet gurus or even internet design authors.

FINDACUSTOMLOT.COM - Real Estate pros could use this to sell land or developments.

INDIANANEWHOMES.COM - Here's another great name for you Real Estate.